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My phone is not my world, but it brings the world to me.

Daily Prompt: Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

My phone isn’t really as significant to me as the picture might suggest.  I don’t have the latest apps and I’m not constantly on it like a lot of people, but I do feel lost without it.  While the phone isn’t my world, so to speak, it is one of my connections to the world – namely, my husband.  So if I don’t have my phone for awhile, I get a bit anxious even if I’m not expecting a call from him,

It’s more of a “what if…?” kind of anxiety.  What if he needed to contact me for some reason?  What if there was some sort of emergency?  What if I had planned a relatively elaborate dinner and he has to work late?  It hasn’t happened yet, but it COULD! haha

It’s crazy how technology has changed just over the past 10 years.  When my mom needs to get ahold of me, she e-mails me or uses facebook (and she’s even started to alert me on facebook when she’s sent an e-mail because she knows that I rarely check it anymore.  haha).

I think my main connection to the world is still my computer.  I’m on it a lot for recording purposes, and I don’t have my phone set up to notify me of new FB messages or e-mails (or maybe my phone’s just a POS and doesn’t notify me!).  It’s nice because I don’t constantly feel connected even when my phone is with me.  But all it takes is a second or two and the world is at my fingertips.