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He said

Poetry of the air

I told him
I’m always the weak link.
I don’t know how to fix it.
He responded with comfort,
said I was the stronger of the two of us.
I give him confidence
and help him improve.
Then he said,
I’m thankful for that.

I feel like
I always support people I really believe in.
I collab with them and
I’m always overshadowed.
No question.
I don’t know how to fucking fix it.
But I just see the future with you;
same thing all over again.
And I hate thinking that.

He didn’t respond for awhile;
it was so unlike him.

I began

Twenty minutes later, my phone blew up
with text,
after text,
after text.

It was nothing along the lines of what I expected.

He said that I’m not the problem.
It’s the people I work with.

You’re a great person.
You let people walk on you.
You have a beautiful voice;
You sound great on everything you do.





You let people take advantage of you.

I’m not going to let you fall to the shade;
I don’t do that.
I’m not the producers you’ve worked with;
I’m not the artists you’ve worked with.
We’re going to grow

Then he said what I need to do.
Develop more confidence
so you can

push through

the shadows
and be
the face of music.

I have faith in you, Marnie.
I need you to have faith in me;
faith in us.
Because we can do something
I just know it!

It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was exactly what I needed in that moment.

In a little less than three weeks
I will meet him.
And we will create something amazing.
The entire experience will be defined in one word:
I just know it.