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Seven days and a $10,000 upgrade to my home recording setup


Today’s Daily Prompt asked me to describe what I would do if all of my plans for the next seven days were cancelled and I found $10,000 on my dresser.  Are you kidding me?  That’s so easy to answer.

Seven days from now, Rob Grounds will be sitting right next to me; we will be learning from one another and recording original music.  If I had the next 7 days and $10,000, I would make sure to get my recording space in the best possible shape ever so we could immediately get down to business and make it the most productive week I’ve ever had with music.  

First, I would go out mic shopping and choose one that’s top of the line – anywhere from $1000-$3000.  I would then purchase a beast of a computer with a quality soundcard, upgrade my preamp, upgrade my new KRK’s to something bigger and do whatever I could to improve my recording space.  If there was any money leftover, I would use that to celebrate our hard work at the end of his visit. 🙂

So yeah – pretty simple!