Monthly Archives: April 2013

The visit and what I miss the most.

I’ve been meaning to write another post for about a week now.  I’ve finally gotten frustrated enough to do so.  I tried writing last night and it didn’t go well… at all.  haha

Writing has never been easy for me (as I mentioned in a previous post).  When I have someone else in the same room to bounce ideas off of, though – or dare I say impress – it’s completely different.  We feed off of each other and writing just… it just comes so naturally for me.  I enjoy it so much more than I will ever enjoy writing by myself.

The entire experience of writing a song changed when he was working alongside me.  We shifted gears in an instant when one of us sang a melody/lyric that fit more than the last one; we came up with 5 different melodies to the same set of lyrics in as many runs through; we asked for and received instant feedback; we gave suggestions when something didn’t seem to be working for the other person. We supported each other in every capacity.

And then we celebrated. We celebrated the perfect harmony, lyric, mix and song; we celebrated with looks, smiles, screams of excitement, hugs and high fives.  Sometimes there was simply an understanding between the two of us that what we were working on was something great.

And in our “down time” we messed around and were silly; we sang along to Alicia Keys and Linkin Park to get our voices “right”; we – I mean he – impersonated other musicians; we watched a horrible movie about a guy being trapped in a space station for 6 years as he “traveled through space and time”; we looked to the future and talked about how we’d finish up the project after he left. But in our subconsciousness, getting back to work was there.  It was always there.  We had only 7 days (which turned into 10), so we had to make them all count.

I miss him a little bit.  I missed him and the talent he encompasses the second I turned around with tears in my eyes to leave him at the airport.  (Hey now…I’m a very emotional person.  Don’t judge me!)  He inspires me in so many ways and more than he could ever fathom. I simply cannot find the words that would even come close to describing what he brings into my life just by living his.

I think what I miss most, though… is us working together.

I can’t wait to finish this album.